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English Setter - Rescues

I don't want to cross the line and post a dog for free advertisement in this forum, but hope that the administrators will allow me to tip toe along that line while waiting for a post submitted on 5/10 to be approved . . .

For anyone's information, Above and Beyond English setter rescue takes in English setter rescues and tries to find homes for them. I don't think they typically like to put dogs in hunting homes, but sometimes the fostering family can influence this decision when it seems like it would be in the dog's best interest.

If someone PM'd me and asked about providing a long term hunting home to a beautiful FDSB registered English setter, I could provide pictures and put them in touch with a foster family who might just have such a dog.

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Re: English Setter - Rescues

Have seen your post on another forum and can attest to this being a beautiful dog. Someone will be very lucky to have him. Unfortunately not me.

Please someone put him in a hunting family.
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