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I do not have any shotgun barrels for mine yet. But I have shot slug barrels, and turkey barrels in some Encore's that a few friends have. I really liked them. Yes they recoil, but so does any single shot. I like the TH stock to control recoil. That stock helps alot with recoil control, as well as porting the shotgun.

What I like best is the accuracy of the slug barrel. The few I have shot just amazed me. And the turkey barrels I shot grouped incredibly at 50 yards with a 3" shell(I consider to be the farthest shot for a 3" shell).

I also really like the way the scope mounts. The scope is on the barrel and I like that in a shotgun. Plus the scope is good and solid. just be careful because the standard Encore base is not the base the shotgun barrels use.

I am in the process of buying my first shotgun barrel right now. As a matter of fact if anybody has a good 12 gauge blued barrel I would be interested(turkey barrel). Tom.
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