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First, I recently purchased an encore pro hunter. It's the stainless version, and came with a 209x50 barrel. I'll never use it, so I'm going to sell it, and buy a rifle barrel. My first question is, how close does the weather shield finish match the stainless finish? I found a good deal on the weather shield barrels, but my frame is stainless.

Next, how horrible of an idea is the following. I was contemplating buying one good, expensive scope for all the barrels I get. Then buying leupold quick release rings for the scope, and quick release bases for the different barrels. I would sight each barrel in with the scope returned to zero, and make notes of how many clicks for each rifle for windage and elevation. Then I could swap the scope between barrels, reset it to zero when I swap it, an then add the appropriate clicks for each barrel. Now, I would never go hunt after swapping the scope/barrels without going to the range to verify poi first. but in theory that should get me close each time I swap, and a few shots at the range would have me dialed in. That would minimize my cost in optics, and allow me to purchase more barrels for the time being. Anyone ever try this? Good idea or bad idea?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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