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Enclosed it repairable?

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I just talked to a guy who has an enclosed trailer for sale. He said that the frame is 75% shot. The box is in great shape, but the frame is not road-worthy. Would it be worth it to take it to a professional welder and have him fix it? I'm sure it won't be as strong as it was new, but would it be ok to use?
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nope...I wouldnt trust it...I know theres a lot of good welders and repairmen....but If I am throwing my machine in it to haul down the road....I'd go for a new or used one that doesnt need repaired....JMO
What about putting the box onto another trailer?
that might work...but make sure its worth the money and time.....I know I am one of those that says..."hey I could do this, make my own trailer and save some $$$", but in the end when you look at how much time it takes and how much of a pain it can be, it ends up being cheaper to just go to work, make a few extra $$ and purchase one (If ya know what I mean
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Yeah, I built my own snowmobile trailer a few years ago. I think when it was all said and done, I had like $600 in it. Thought I was saving a ton.
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is it alum. or steel and is it cracked,rusted ,or damaged. can you do the work yourself.
How big is the trailer? If your not interested in it I might. I need a trailer to put at my shop to keep alll my decoys in. Doesn't need to be road worthy. Let me know if you don't want it.
It was on craigslist, but I don't see the ad anymore. It must have been sold. It was a 1996 Wells Cargo trailer. 16', V-nose. The guy was asking $1000 OBO. I talked to him and he said that the frame was 75% shot. Completely rusted and not roadworthy. Its probably better that I didn't get it. The last thing I need now is another project.
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