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Elizabethtown Beagle Club to hold Youth Rabbit Hunt

Can following a pack of beagles in hot pursuit of a cottontail rabbit be as exciting as the new Halo video game? Elizabethtown Beagle Club is offering young hunters in the area a chance to find out. On Saturday, October 9, in accordance with the new Youth Rabbit Season, members of the beagle club will invite eligible youth hunters and a parent or guardian to participate in a full-fledged rabbit hunt with trained beagles. Youngsters between the ages of 12 and 16 who have successfully completed the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Hunter Safety Course are eligible to participate.

In the course of the hunt, a youngster and parent or guardian, will be paired with club members and their beagles. The group will head to the field to observe the hounds at work in searching out and following wild rabbits. The youngsters will have a chance to harvest up to the daily bag limit of four rabbits. The beagle club will provide the guides, the hounds, a place to hunt, and any necessary gear and equipment. After the hunt, the club will provide a dinner which will include a sample of the game harvested that day as the club members demonstrate proper handling, and preparation of cottontails for the table.

Registration is limited to the first 10 eligible youth hunters to apply. Registration packets can be obtained by calling John Gibble at (717) 449-0699 or Jeff Munster at (717) 666-8008. There is no charge for participation. Youngsters will need to be accompanied in the field by a parent or guardian, though only youth hunters may harvest game during this season. The Pennsylvania Game Commission established the youth rabbit season this year to help promote interest in hunting, especially small game hunting, by young people. Elizabethtown Beagle Club is supporting this effort by providing this opportunity for young people to become familiar with the sport and the rewards of hunting over trained beagles.

Elizabethtown Beagle Club maintains 70-fenced acres devoted to training beagles. Membership is open to interested beagle owners. The club holds field trials three times a year under American Kennel Club rules for hunting beagles. Our next event will be our annual licensed trial on October 2 and 3, where hounds from all over the east coast compete for field champion points. Spectators are welcome
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