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We have a AW2002 Wobble from Lincoln
It was expensive but if you have the space and are an avid clay bird shooter than this is perfect. We shoot at least once a month. The variation in elevation and angles it throws is great. It's nice too b/c it's a local business to us. It has a button release or you can switch it out for a "pedal" so you can shoot by yourself. We have the yellow spring on it. It is adjustable for throw speed. We have room on the spring to make it faster yet. But we have it close to Pheasant speed. We just hook it up to the 4-wheeler and pull it to wherever we want it. However it is light enough to move by hand. If you get one be prepared to go through ALOT of shells. It is so much fun and it's hard to stop for the day.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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