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dummies in the field

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I have a farm to hunt and there are geese landing in the one field every day. Only probblem is cant hunt that field on saturdays due to some horses and riding lessons saturday morning. i am going to hunting a field across a small patch of woods and across a large field on the same farm. But because i know the geese WILL land in the first field and i dont want to call againgst live geese all moning i have a problem.

My question to you guys is has anyone ever put scarecrow dummies dressed in hunting clothes in the first field so the geese dont land there. or do you think this a bad idea and then they wont land anywhere or the farm.

this might be a dumb idea but i just thought of it and was hoping it might work

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Not a dumb idea, been used many times before, you should be seeing a couple pics post here soon.

I thought this post was about something else, I have seen a lot of "dummies" in the fields the past few years.....
A couple years ago we could hunt both sides of the one road. The one side had no hide while the other did, and the geese were in the side with no hide. We parked a truck in the field and they practically landed on the truck.
We anchored Rod Stewart in an orange vest on a canoe in the middle of a creek in September in an attempt to scare a small group of Canadas that had been very difficult to intercept. Worked like a charm.
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More scary guys.

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djknyork said:
Rod Stewart... Gotta love it!
Which begs the question. Where did he get the Rod Stewart cut out?
Just hunt it on Monday ???? Why scare the geese
I have buddies that will put crow dekes where they don't want geese to land.
I have buddies that will put crow dekes where they don't want geese to land.
I have NEVER heard of this and in fact have seen geese land where crows were feeding on many occasions. Crows are rediculously wary birds and I have friends that will put out crow decoys as a "confidence" decoy.
i love the cardboard cutouts. my dummy isnt going to look that good. i work monday thru friday starting at 6 am every day so my hunting is limited to saturdays and holidays. if it works tomorrow i will post some pics of my dummy success.
Goosehunter said:
More scary guys.

hahahahahaha lol.
Those $1.50 plastic hunting vests tied to a old hockey stick work well and roll up nice. They really flap in a little wind
Might work for a little while, but geese get smart. A lot of the ponds I take care of have serious goose problems, and in the suburbs there's not much you can do. I've seen dog silhouettes, floating alligator heads, realistic coyote decoys, even fox decoys next to goose decoys modified to make it look like the fox had killed the goose. Some of them never work at all, sometimes it works for a week or two at the most, then the geese walk right past the dekes and never give them any mind.
I hear a coyote decoy works well. Plus you could use it to hunt coyotes.

Nobody uses a JoePa cutout?
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