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Woke up to heavy rain, but hey, its the rut. I was able to make the walk in between downpours to set up my tree umbrella before the sky opened up at first light again. Got settled in and hoped the rain would stop, but it didn't.

In the dreary foggy darkness, movement caught my eye below me. I was very surprised to see a good buck with tall tines and a mature buck swagger trotting up the hill at an angle that would take him out of range. I grabbed my bow and hit the grunt call. He stopped and peered my direction. When he resumed his trot, I hit him again with a grunt and he turned and began to angle my way. When he hit the 30 yard shooting lane, the arrow was sent on its way. I saw him mule kick and run in a semi circle which brought him back to my stand. At 15 yards, he began the death wobble and I watched him fall. For the next two hours I sat in my stand waiting for the rain to stop before climbing down to run my hands over his rack for the first time.

It was a perfect double lung on this heavy 8 point with 11 inch G2s. His neck was swollen and he had the chest of a brahma bull. My season has been very slow so far but I always say that there is no substitution for time in the stand.

WMU 2A Washington County
11/6/17 7:30 am
Horton Vortec RDX
Swhacker 2 blade


1 - 20 of 46 Posts