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Went for a nice drive this afternoon with my mother up through the mountains.
Went out the Mcgeorge road to the Caledonia pike and ended back at Shaggers Inn.
That's a small water impound area for those of you who might not know.
When we pulled into the parking lot and started for the water we could see a coyote putting the sneak on a small flock of geese.
They moved out into deeper water and he gave up on them.
So we are sitting there just soaking up the late afternoon sun and we could see a large bird of prey sitting in a tree looking like he was eating something from his head movements.We walked around for a little bit,saw some yote scat,Mom knows what it looks like now after see "somehow" ended up with a big pile in her cat's litter box last month.But that's a different story.
Well her chest was starting to stress her a little bit and the terrain wasn't bad but still we made our way back to the car.
So on the way home we were coming back the Knobs road and turned off to head down to towards Trout Run/Shawville.
Right alongside the road was a ruffed grouse all puffed up in full display.We got to watch him for about two minutes before he went down over the bank.
About 75 yards further along was another male on a log on my side of the road,drumming.
I shut the car off and we sat there for over five minutes watching him drum and all fanned out like a very small turkey.
We moved on down the road another hundred yards and there's another one back along the side of the road all pumped up.
Well we made it home about 7:45 and was wishing I had my camera along the whole time,no pics.

Total game:3 deer
11 turkeys
9 geese
1 coyote
2 ospreys
3 grouse
3 squirrels
lots of chipmunks

Time with Mom priceless.

Forgot,back at Shaggers Inn we drove around to the boat launch area and there was another couple there watching the two osprey's in their nest. They were nice enough to offer us to use their spotting scope to observe them,but Mom was to played out to want to get out of the car.
But this was the first time Mom ever got to see grouse drumming in person,and her first known osprey sighting.
All in all we had a great time and it was good to get Mom out of the house for a little bit.
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