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If your talking jerky here is what I like.

Thaw meat till you can just start to bend it, makes for nice slices. Cut 1/8 thick and lay strips in bowl all going one direction. Cover with soy sauce then alternate the next layer the other direction and cover with soy. Do this till all meat is sliced. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and put in frige over night. Next day unwrap bowl and season top layer with whatever you want. I use a little salt, pepper and some ground red pepper. I also use a Nesco dehydrator. Season each layer as you lay it on the racks. 4 hours on high (155 deg.) and enjoy. Make sure you hide some for yourself cause when your friends get a hold of it, it will be gone.


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5 lbs Boned out Rear Deer Leg
1 ounce Sodium Nitrite
3 Tbsp Salt
2 tsp garlic powder
2 tsp dextrose
1 tsp white pepper
2 quarts ice cold water

Mix everything up in a plastic bucket
then use a meat injection needle and inject the meat REAL GOOD with some of the mix solution....after injecting the meat real good, put the whole thing in the bucket and set the bucket in a fridge for 7 days... if there is any foam come on the top of the water, laddle it off....

After 7 days, remove meat from water solution and hang so it can drip dry, once it is dry, place it in a smoker set at 140 degrees and smoke for about 2 hours...meat should be dry...

After 2 hours at 140 degrees, turn the heat up to 180 and keep it there till the internal temp of the meat goes to 155...when you turn the heat up to 180, you can then start adding all the wood chips you want to smoke it...just remember to keep it in the smoker till the internal temp of the meat hits 155..

I'll have to look around for my other recipe..both I have, I was able to get from my Uncle before he died...the other involves mixing a dry cure and rubbing the meat down real good and then setting in a tub and draining off the liquid every day for 7 days.

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410-er said:
Cream chipped on toast !
All sound good.
I just stir salt into water until it floats a raw egg.(in shell) Add some brown sugar & black pepper. Make sure you put some weight on top of meat to keep it down in the brine instead of floating on top. Rinse off in warm water after smoking & before slicing.
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