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Dog Proofs

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What do you guys like to bait your dog proofs with?
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I just put out 4 of my duke dog proofs today. This was my first time. I put a cotton ball in the dp and hit it with mayple syrup,peanut oil mix. Then i added a little dog food mixed with tuna fish and syrup. I'll let you know what happens.
marshmallows and molasses or fish oil!!!
Anise oil and marshmallows!
Dry Cat Food (from Dollar Store)
Dried up, tough, Smoked Jerky that I can't chew
Squirt of Fish Oil

I keep bait below or touching the trigger (I don't fill to top). I do place enough bait outside, on ground, to give 'em a good taste. I do cover outside bait with leaves or grass.
Alright thanks fellas and let me know the dude! haha
Mini marshmallows with strawberry extract and some fish oil for good measure
Ive just been using 1 marshmallow under the trigger, and one stabbed on the trigger. Squirt a line up to it with fish oil and thats that. Had multpule repeat catches without adding scent. If i get bait stealing mice I stick a golf ball on top which seems to do the trick.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts