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Does the PGC consider road hunting?

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Long time hunter, predator newbie here.
Is driving dirt roads with an unloaded gun, calling and listening for yotes, then getting out and going the required "safety zone" distance from the road when you get a response legal or is is considered "Road Hunting"?
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You have to have your vehicle off of the traveled portion of the roadway when locating them, for it to be legal. I have an email from them stating this.

And yes, as long as you have your permit, you can carry any sidearm you want, while hunting.
There is no law saying that you can't sit in your vehicle, that is off the road completely, with and unloaded gun, see an animal, get out, load your gun, and take the animal. No different than sitting in a tree stand, blind, old school bus in the woods, etc. The key is that you can't have your firearm loaded in the vehicle, or the vehicle in motion.
Or on the traveled portion of the roadway^^^^
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