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DMA2 & 4-D deer?

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Basically,my question is: If you got a doe tag for 4-D,of which is covered by DMA2,how do you handle the deer and the meat? What do you do with the carcass?
Any Game Protectors on here that can give out the proper thing to do?
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I have been doing it in Bedford county last 2 years and doing what I'm exactly supposed to do. Its not really that big of a deal but a give and take thing. I cant bring entire deer home to Md where I could skin in my garage using electric hoist. But I get it done at my cabin and able to get rid of the parts in a dumpster supplied by the PGC. I can say I did my part of not spreading CWD, do what we have to do to help it work. On any tag you have to list township of kill and I think the fine would be pretty heavy if not in compliance.
The first year yes I got as much info from PGC and a lot of it was wrong. Only due it was new thing and you know how that goes. Harrisburg told me to bury parts since there was no dumpster on my side of county, Huntington office said that was wrong thing to do. Last year I went to a meeting in Berlin Pa and it was explained well and you could ask questions. I could of actually just tossed my parts on my property but instead took them to a dumpster 5 miles away worked well. The year before they only had one and it was at the garbage collectors place of business. The only problem was it was inside a locked fence and could only acess Mon-Fri 8-4. I hate to say what Md. did to help hunters but I'm going to say anyway. On a large track of state ground where Md. first had the CWD before Pa. they built a small like lean 2 pavilion for hunters to hang up and skin there deer. Now not to stir the pot but I think Bedford county where I hunt should have 2 of these to assist the hunters. As far as costs this year there is 14,500 DMA-2 tags netting $94,250.00 and by the looks they will all be sold. I know they have the expense of a few dumpsters and paid officers overtime for the meeting I went to They also had some expense of fliers , etc. However, the real kicker is I myself asked the question that night if the money from these tags went in to research to help out. The answer the PGC officer gave was NO. the money went back in to the general fund. My opinion in this case they could build several small places like this to assist the hunter. It really hurts the non residents but keep in mind a resident hunting these areas from not living there is the same as a NR when it comes to the post kill. Yes I have it better then most since I have a place but enjoyed taking them home to my heated garage with electric hoist.
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