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DMA2 & 4-D deer?

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Basically,my question is: If you got a doe tag for 4-D,of which is covered by DMA2,how do you handle the deer and the meat? What do you do with the carcass?
Any Game Protectors on here that can give out the proper thing to do?
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The head,the spine and the hide must stay where you got it. That is in the area,such as DMA2.
If you just have a regular antlerless tag,for 4-D and shot one inside of the DMA2 area,it is to be treated the same,no removing the head or hide or spine????
There sre places to take it,inside the zone to get rid of the parts,such as taxidermist,processors or dumping points!!!!!
HOW WILL THEY KNOW WHERE YOU SHOT IT? By looking at your deer report card. You have to list the township you were in!!!!
All in all,it will be one big hassel?
I don't think i will even hunt that area anymore!
OH<IT COVERS ALL DEER<YES<ANY BUCK YOU SHOT IN THE AREA! So,if you want to get it mounted,you must take it to a taxidermist on the list in the approved area?
We have no cabin in the area! Have to figure how to do it in the woods. Only be able to keep the four quarters. Got to find a PGC dumpter.
WADMAN,thank you so much for the link. I could not find it!I am 70 and am no computer wizard.
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