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diy pressure tank smoker

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I had to replace my pressure tank in my house a few months back, and I saved the old one because I have heard of people building smokers out of them. Has anyone had any experience, advice or instructions? I have googled a bunch of stuff on it, and it looks like it could be fairly technical.

Any advice on how to go about building one?
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A buddy made one from an old vertacle air compressor tank. About the same process and size. He cut a door out of another piece of steel and bent it to match the curve and mounted it with hinges, then cut a hole slightly smaller than the door. Instead of racks, he installed hooks inside and hung what he wanted to smoke on hooks. he drilled a few air holes on the bottom and top. He made plugs for the upper holes from wood and just plugged a few of the holes if there was too much draft.

I have an currently unused outdoor boiler and thought about trying to convert that into a smoker by stacking some racks on cinder blocks inside the fire box and installing an old fashioned wood stove draft control on the exhaust.
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