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DIY Euro mount tips

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Besides doing it outside and not using the wife's best cooking pot what are some helpful tips? I'm looking to do my buck I got this year so looking for some info besides YouTube videos.
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everything you ever needed to know about doing your own euro (skull) mount in 5 hours,125076.0.html
I didn't see those other posts but I can say I started pressure washing mine first and it made the process a whole lot easier. I cut off every thing I could including the eyes and then take my knife and score all of the remaining skin and meat that's left on the skull. I then take the pressure washer and go to town. About 30-60 minutes of washing, picking and scoring some more and the skull is nearly clean. The brains come out no problem either with the pressure washer. I like this method as when I boil the skulls I find that a lot of the stuff cooks onto the bone and you really have to pick and pry to get it off.
Tundragriz since you're the resident expert on maceration what do you degrease and whiten with?
i use a kit from van ***** that comes with powdered peroxide, degreaser, gloves, everything. skin the skull, get out eyeballs, brain, etc and as much meat as possible. then simmer it in water with the degreaser in it and scrape the rest of the junk off. clean it good and then mix the powder with water to make a paste and coat the skull good. let it dry into a powder form for 24 hours or so and brush it off with a stiff paint brush and it comes out snow white. one $25 kit will do about 3 deer. heres mine from a few years ago

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts