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Notebook: Bill could remove hunting license display
Sunday, October 04, 2009
By John Hayes, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
In some states it's not required to pin hunting licenses in the middle of the back. But that's been the fashion in Pennsylvania since licensing started here.

This year, that line was left out of the "Hunting and Trapping Digest," leaving some observant hunters and trappers wondering where to pin their tags.

The answer is, hunting licenses must still be displayed on the back while in the field.

But that could change. The Game Commission has lent its support to House Bill 460, a proposal by Rep. Neil Goodman (D-Schuylkill) that would remove the statutory requirement that licenses must be displayed while hunting. If passed, hunters could carry their licenses undisplayed with other ID.

The "Digest" omission wasn't an accident. Game Commission executive director Carl Roe said that at publication time some members of the agency were convinced HB 460 would be enacted before the July 1 start of the license year. To avoid publishing potentially conflicting information, they decided to circumvent the license display issue by intentionally not mentioning it.


"License buyers do need to remember that the digest is not the 'Game and Wildlife Code' or its attendant regulations, and should not be considered final on legal interpretation," said Roe, in a written statement. "In printing the digest, the agency simply summarizes the more important and frequently misunderstood hunting and trapping regulations."

We'll keep you posted on House Bill 460.

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Saw this and thought I would post.I still am wearing my license on my back but for the ones that dont it seems nothing has changed yet.
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