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Disclaimer on Gatherings/Events planned via the network

As with any community there will always be a desire for members to get together, meet others and share some good times in the Outdoors or otherwise, and although welcomes its members to use this on-line network as a resource for planning, discussing and building participation for such events , at no time should this imply that, its administrative team or HuntingPA LLC , endorses, funds, receives revenue from or accepts responsibility for these events in any manner, unless otherwise stated by the owners of and HuntingPA LLC.

The use of the terms “HuntingPA”, “”, or “HPA” and the like, in the title of the event, although allowed, does not indicate endorsement or creation of the event by the owners or administration of HuntingPA. All events listed or created here for member participation are “at your own risk” activities.

Thanks for your cooperation and we hope that continues to be a place where Outdoor minded friends meet, both on-line and off.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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