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disabled veteran license question

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My Uncle is retired Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom soldier. He lives in Lawton, Oklahoma, but is here in PA visiting for Christmas. I would love to take him grouse hunting, but he forgot his DV Lifetime Hunting Card in Oklahoma. Any idea what I would have to do to get him a license in PA?
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(b) Disabled veterans.--
<span style="font-weight: bold">(1) Any resident disabled veteran </span>of any war or armed conflict whose physical disability consists of the loss of one or more limbs, or the loss of the use of one or more limbs, or whose physical disability is considered total and who meets all other qualifications of this title and is otherwise mentally and physically fit, shall be issued a regular hunting or furtaking license upon application to any county treasurer, without the payment of the license cost, if that person is domiciled in this Commonwealth.
(2) The application for the issuance of this license shall, in addition to the other information required by the director, contain a statement that the applicant is a war or armed conflict veteran and that his physical disability was service incurred.
(3) The applicant shall produce the applicant's discharge papers and a Department of Veterans Affairs disability certification to the effect that the applicant suffers total physical disability.
(4) If a disabled veteran who qualifies for issuance of a license under this subsection presents documentation to show that the qualifying disability is permanent, the county treasurer shall issue the disabled veteran a lifetime hunting or furtaking license.
(5) In a county where there is no county treasurer by virtue of a home rule charter or optional plan of government, the county official who performs the functions of a county treasurer and who has been designated an issuing agent by the commission shall
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if that person is domiciled in this Commonwealth.
So, a DV that lives in another state simply will fall under Non-res licensing.... no discounts, etc..... ?
for Pa residents this means loss of limb or its use or 100percent VA disability rating with documentation.
Thats great info.. just got rated after 2 years of waiting..100% permanent.. Do i just take my VA letter with me?
Take your VA rating/decision letter to the County Teasurer office. And while you're there, inquire about your property taxes as well with the County Veterans Affairs director.
Actually for property taxes, for someone rated 100%, you need to file the paper work through Indian Gap. You will need to send them a copy of the rating letter, a copy of all W2, 1099's etc. Also if you file after the tax forms have been sent out, you will have to pay for that year and than your exemption will take effect the next year. Oh and you will have to send a copy of he letter you get back to the Local Tax collector, School board and two other places I can recall at this time. The exemption is good for 5 years after which you will have to go through a renewal.

USN retired and 100% Disabled Vet
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