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diameter of ram rod

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Does anyone have a .50 cal tc hawkins that could tell me the diameter of their ram rod.

Also how can I figure out what twist my barrel has?

Thanks Matt
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Most 45 and larger are a 3/8" rod.The 32 and 36 take a 5/16".
One of my original wood rod is reading .360.....which was probably 3/8 when new. T/C Hawken .50
Somebody just posted how to tell twist here a day or so ago. It had to do with using a jag and patch and measuring how many revolutions the patch made while being inserted down the pipe. I guess if ya know math you could figger it out pretty easy. Lenght of barrel and how many revolutions per inch would give you twist. Example: 24" barrel, 1/2 rotation in 24" would be 1 in 48 twist. I think thats right....

I take it there are no markings..
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Jester said:
Example: 24" barrel, 1/2 rotation in 24" would be 1 in 48 twist. I think thats right....

I take it there are no markings..
Yeah.....that's right. And for the most part, there are no markings on T\C barrels at least.
Found that post. Here's the cut and paste version:
"If you don't know you can run a tight patch down the barrel and just measure how many inches it takes for the rod to make one complete revolution. (or make one-half a revolution....then multiply by 2."
3/8 ramrod, your gun should be 1 in 48 twist
Disregard this next comment. You answered 2 questions..duh!! I'll leave it on here to laugh at though!

How does the diameter of the ramrod determine twist? My Lyman GP and Deerstalker are 2 different twists with same diameter rod.
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Thanks guys for all the help. One more question what do you use to clean with between shots?
I buy a box of those alcohol pads that are pre packaged (the one's people use for injections) and wrap 'em around a jag. I just run one down and it will get it clean enough to load the next one.

Alcohol dries very quickly, so your powder won't get wet. I also use those to wipe off my frizzen and flint. Powder residue will attract moisture from the air very quickly. Removing the powder residue will give you a much better chance of your next shot not going "click".
When I am at the range I have a water bottle, I use it to drink and to wet a square piece of cloth that I run through the barrel I clean mine out every 3 shots. I have never had a problem getting the powder wet on the next shot. The alcohol wipes are very good for your lock
I use 90% rubbing alcohol every 3 shots and then a dry patch and also use ot to clean the pan and frizzen.
Same here I use a lighter fluid bottle with alcohol and spritz a cleaning patch followed by two dry ones. I do that after each shot.
I run a patch with TC 13 down , then a dry and then a lubed patch to finish between every shot.
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