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Not going to disagree that you can get $400 for a fully equipped Mathews Outback bow on eBay. But this thread isn't on resale value but on depereciation.

Now I've been looking at getting a Mathews bow just about every year for the last 10 years since one of my friends has been shooting one. I've NEVER seen a brand new Mathews bow fully tricked out for $400; let alone the for the raw cost of the bow.

The only thing I've seen for $400 when it comes to butying new Mathews Bows are the add-on's you have to buy after paying $600-800 for just the bare bow (rest, quiver, stablizer, arrows, etc...).

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trigger creep said:
So if you bought a top of the line all bells and whistles bow 4 years ago, how much did it cost? What's it's value today if you wanted to sell?
Probably about 40% of what you paid for it. I bought my last new bow this year. The only reason to buy a new bow is to get the warranty with it. Now that manufacturers like Elite have stepped up to plate and are giving a warranty for the life of the bow, not just the original buyer there is no reason to spend all that cash on a new bow.

Plus there are some great deals to be had on slightly used bows over on AT.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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