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I had some Bass Pro cash burning a hole in my pocket - they had nothing i wanted in the gun stuff, and saw this one and figured i'd try to upgrade.

Frankly, i'm amazed at the quality of the finished product. I've made 2 full batches of jerky now, and some fruits as well. the consistency of product from tray to tray is phenomenal from a unit that cost about as much as a hair dryer.

My old unit went to an HPA member who didn't have a dehyd...and I think I might have to get him one of these ones just because.

Anyone looking for a "jerky machine" should take a good look at this little unit, it works very well. my comment on BPS reviews was a bit premature. I have placed a remote thermometer into this unit now and put it on a temerature alarm to see if it would reach 160, it does. it hit the 160 mark after about an hour.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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