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just wanted to drop a hint on here - for those of you that have a sams club membership

I needed(?) to pick up a boning knife for some processing work I was about to do on Sunday with the hornless buck I shot saturday - I knew Sams had some kitchen utility knives with good steel (bought a pair of their Santoku knives for my parents last year for Xmas I think) and went to check them out. I thought they were about 8 bucks each and came with nice grippy handles and are made of a material that will not harbor bacteria (microban?). Well, to my surprise the set they have is an 8" utility blade (stiff) and an 8" boning blade (flexible) and they are sharp as heck and hold an edge well.


The thick stiff blade made quick work of chunking and steaking - the flexible blade worked VERY well at defatting, filleting the silverskin and overalll finish work. I really cleaned up the shoulders very well. Wish I had taken my camera with me. Will have to do that on the next one.

For 9 bucks for the whole set, these knives are VERy well worth the money. they also have a 2ft by 3 foot microban white plastic cutting board for 12.99

I didn't get the board, we have a few of those, but the knives are HIGHLY recommended.

Just as an aside, they have small 8" non stick aluminum skillets that make FANTASTIC omelet and egg pans. I have a couple of them and they will easily outlast me. they are only 9 bucks each too, and are definetly restaurant quality. Just don't send them thru the dishwasher, and don't use metal utensils in them. I only use silicone spats or hutzler spats in mine and they look brand new.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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