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Hi everybody! I am interested in mounting my deer feet. I've tanned 2 or three hides and tails. The directions are vague on where to cut the bone. I skinned out 2 legs and cut the bones about 1 inch above the hoof, but I'm not sure if that was low enough? Can anyone give me any insight? Thanks!

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i cheated...

i did 8 last flintlock season...

i know i used Borax in the water...i cant remember if there was salt in it or not...

what i did was fill the bucket with water and borax(possibly salt but i dont think..i want to say straight borax..half a box or something like that..

i then wired the deer feet in the angle i wanted....saw them off a few inches longer than you want as the hide shrinks an inch or can saw them after dried..

i left them in the bucket a few weeks..gave them a stir everytime i thought about it..

pulled them out and rinsed them real good with water...brushed the hair nice and let them dry...after dried for a few days, i unwired them and they turned out fine...

my buddy taught me that...hes had the same 4 feet for many years...they look fine...mine been hanging in a bag on the back of my door for a year now and are bugs..

probably not perfect...but VERY cheap and simple to do...if they start to smell or fall apart, i cut more feet off deer i kill and make new ones...not a big loss...if they were going to stink they would have done it by now...
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