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Decoy info needed

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I picked up some 'Black Bottom Ducks' by Jack Simmen. Several had the bottom painted black, and one was signed : Simmen '82

Does anyone know anything about them or the carver ? The Google machine isn't being very helpful.

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Don't know anything bout the decoy but it sure is a cool looking canvasback.
There is one guy on here who has collected too many old decoys, maybe he'll chime in. I think his user name is decoyMcCoy or something like that.
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I have no info, i'm no expert either. Looks more like a "decorative" decoy, not a worker. Looks nice, but i'm into more old "working" decoys. You really have to know your stuff to know everything about the old wood decoys, thousands of carvers and different area's, etc. There are plenty of guys who can tell the difference, but I ain't one of them. I'm more affluent with old "factory" decoys, both wood and paper mache. Victor, Mason, general fibre, swan douglas, etc.

I too tried google, can't believe nothing popped up. I will ask at the next decoy meeting next month, lots of guys who "know it all" about wood decoys.
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