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Day 3 December 28 th

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ill be out tomorrow maybe a half hour sit tonight good luck!
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Heading out shortly for a few hours this morning to do some still hunting.
Meeting up with a group to do some drives at 9 am. I was out Wed. and Thurs. and had no shooting opportunities. It was really fun out there Wed. with the hard wet snow.
Went out today until around 1pm, nothing. Tracks and beds from last night along with some feeding areas, but still no sight of deer.

Did see about a dozen turkeys in a field. No other hunters seen. Sure hope Saturday is better.
The RMC scored a button buck from 80 yards today. Hornady xtp .452 300 grains pushed by 80 grains Goex 3f. It was a pretty poor shot as I spined it near the hind quarters; not sure if it moved or I put a poor shot on it. Anyway it went straight down but after a few min. it still wasn't dead so I put a sub load into it. Those 300 grain xtp's really drop em fast.
Congrats mossie!

Did some still hunting again today, but no deer sightings.Lots of new tracks though.
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Seen a total of a dozen deer in 4 seperate occasions.No shots takin.I ambushed the last 5 gettin set up for evening hunt.Had one broadside for over 10 minutes at a little over 100 yds.It was not a safe shot,to close to a neighbors home and property.
Saw 8 does today and 1 buck. Missed on 2 of the does and had a misfire due to wet pan powder. It was a good day!
Way to go Mossie!Can't wait for tommorow morning!
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