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Be careful this is what a crossbow can do.
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Dang that hurts just looking at it! May I ask how that happened?
When I was unloading I got it above the rail. This was Nov. 9 it took 5 weeks to get all the stitches out. I can use it a little now.
Sorry to see this, hope you can recover with little damage.
Yikes. Not good at all. Very powerful bows that do bad things when body parts get in the way.

Glad to hear you are on the mend.
I'm assuming the string did that?

Goodness gracias that thing scares the bejesus out of me. Now I know why.
Wow that hurts just to look at!!! Glad that you are getting better and I hope you have a full recovery. Hopefully your pain might keep someone else from having the same thing happen. It is a good reminder to us all!
I nailed my thumb years ago when I first got my Excal. It was black and blue for weeks!! I never made that mistake again. Get well soon man.
Dang....the string caught you....hope everythings healing well....
I showed my 11 yr old so that he knows what can happen...he was well like i know where i will make sure my hand is!.....hope it heals good for you!
Hope you are healing up well!
I'm glad you posted this....but I'm not so glad you got hurt. It's a good reminder as to what those crossbows can do.

On my Horton Havoc, I took some "Skaters tape" and stuck it right above where my left hand goes on the forearm. That's my "reminder" that should my left hand "hit" that tape....that's the danger area if my hand goes above it.

So far it's worked. I can only hope that with constant diligence and reminders that I don't end up with a string thru any part of my hand.

Again...thanks for your post...and I'm sorry you had to go thru this.

I have a Barnett quad 400. It has a hole in the stock to put your fingers through. It is very easy to put your hand through the hole and put your fingers over the rail. But,I will never pull the trigger again without looking.
Sorry to hear about this smuckers, you and I have something in common. Look back through the threads and you'll find where I took the tips of three fingers off with my bow back in August. All healed up now but it looks like I'll never get the feeling back in the index and second fingers.

1 - 16 of 16 Posts