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Damaged Shotshells - Advice Please

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Hello everyone,

I had quite a few boxes of shotshell stored in a closed off area of the basement.
We had a terrifically heavy rain that damaged the gutters, and water dampened the basement walls.

When I went in to get some shells for trap, I found all of the boxes badly molded, so I removed all of the shells, threw away the boxes, and put the shells into sealable plastic bags.

Most of the shells seem fine, but some have slightly rusted/corroded bases. Some are brass bases and some are steel.

I'd like to clean them up, and my thought is to spray then with WD-40, let then sit a bit, and then wipe them with a non-scratching kitchen pad. Does this sound OK?
Am I ok storing them in sealed plastic bags?

Any other suggestions are much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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Don't use wd40, it will kill the primers and I wouldn't advise keeping them in plastic bags because you will trap moisture in the bag. You wuld be better off with a paperbag or cardboard box. All the shells have steel heads, some are coated with a thin layer of brass. You can clean as much of the rust and corosion as you can and give them a very light coat of oil then wipe them again and store them but I would try to shoot them asap because once rust starts it will continue.
motor oil and a scrubber. shoot real soon. junk shells when done. once they rust up to bad they get weak and chance a "blow out"
I have t go with John on this one.

IMO I would shoot them now. For the most part shotshells are fairly chap. I would make a dat to shoot them. See, I just made you an excuse to go shooting.....
Thank you guys for the great advice. John, the point about WD40 is terrific....I hadn't thought of the primer damage.

throw them away. if you have a barrel obstruction from a failed one and blow your barrel out you will wish you never tried this. if they are steel you must throw them out. a rusty ''slug'' made of pellets will cause trouble for sure. if you really want to try to salvage them put them in a ziplock full of rice and let the dry rice suck he moisture out of them.
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