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Im am writing this on behalf of my dad. We live in Chester County and he has had his crossbow for a few years now since we are in the special regulation areas you are aloud to hunt with crossbows prior to the regs issued around the state now. He's passed up many oppurtunities in killing deer with it, and I have gotten on him a little bit since he bought it.

But today, he FINALLY connected. Got out to our stands around 5:45am. I hadn't seen a deer, tried doin some grunting, but nothing. Then my phone started to go off at 6:40, and I knew a soon as it did that my dad had hit one. Sure enough, he had this buck come within 18 yards from him eatin acorns and he managed to make a good shot. I got right out of the stand and made my way over to him. He was REALLY excited, I am too. It was an awesome morning even tho i didnt get to hunt long, im glad i got to share this moment with him. Not to bad of a farm deer, had 8 points, one really nice G2 and about a 14 inch inside spread. He's not the biggest buck ive seen in the woods we hunt but it sure is nice, and like my dad said hes not sure if he could get another oppurtunity at a decent buck like this one! Hopefully I'll get one just as nice with my bow!

November 2nd, 2009

Unionville. Chester County,Pa

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