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CVA Optima magnum, thumb hole,camo, 50cal.

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I recently posted that I had taken a doe using the open sights. I now have mounted a 3-9X-40mm objective cheap scope with see through mountys on the gun. Bore sighted and, final shot the beast in at a buddies range. I cannot say enough about how happy I am with this gun. I am am used to HIGH end center fire rifles that are of vintage collectors type guns that literallyt drive tacks. This gun I must admitt was a quick grab from a guy who actually won the gun and, it was a duplicate. I had ABSOLUTELY NO high hopes as far as accuracy and, performance----WELL I WAS WRONG----REALLY---REALLY WRONG. This gun for the money is one that I highly recommend. I saw one at Wally World for $277.00--minus a sling and, scope of course. For under $350.00 a guy can have a gun worthy of taking to the woods with FULL confidence that it will get the job done. I for one am really taken aback at the accuracy and, performance out of a gun that cost me VERY little. GUYS--GETCHA ONE OF THESE and, shoot the living pucky out of it. GREAT GUN, GREAT PRICE--easy to clean and, very dependable accuracy. I I am going to take this gun to the woods for the full 2 week firearms season and, see if I can nab a buck using it--------------I LOVE THIS THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1