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I got this old 1987 CVA Blazer in trade some weeks ago. The first 5 or so Inches of barrel look like it came out of the civil war so i will be shortening the barrel to either 20 or 22".

This one is a .50cal with 1:48 twist, I plan on replacing barrel later on when funds are available, with a Green Mountain .50cal 1:70 round ball twist barrel. The blanks arent to expensive so it will be worth it.

Decided i needed to restore the stock and get rid of the UGLY orange stain. Whats up with companies using such a color?!

Products im using:

Birchwood Casey
Rusty Walnut
Stock sheen & conditioner

For the barrel i will be using a product made by Wheeler, its call Cerama-Coat metal finish. You spray 3 light coats and then put the barrel or parts into the oven for 30 minutes at 350* I think that will be an interesting addition to try out on this rifle.

Will also do the trigger internals with the Cerama coat as well. Polishing the trigger internals is also on the to do list.

Before picture,

Restoration in progess,

Finished up with 220 grit sand paper then cleaned the stock out with the air compressor and wiped it down with a tack cloth.

First coat,

4 coats later,

One coat of Tru oil,

I now have a total of 3 coats on it and its amazing! The wood grain just pops right out at you.

I need at least 2 more coats and then i will wet sand with 600 grit sand paper and then add 5 more coats before hitting it with 2000 grit. This is when the slow process begins!

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Frontier gander that looks great ! I had bought a cheep NF single shot from (Walmart) 15 years ago . The stock was painted from the factory . It started to come off the first hunt I used it so I stripped it and found some great wood under the paint and the finish I used is still like the day I put it on and I love using that little single shot .

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