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What cure are you guys using for your snack sticks that you make the seasonings yourself and where do you get it? Thanks.
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Here is what I use for a summer sausage type product. You could make it into snack sticks I guess just would need to smoke a little less since they would be thinner. You can get all the spices at most grocery stores.

Venison Summer Sausage

5 lbs. ground venison
4 tablespoon Morton’s Tender Quick Salt
3 teaspoon mustard seed
3 teaspoon black pepper
2 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt
1 teaspoon hickory smoked salt

Put together in large bowl and mix well. Store covered in refrigerator.
For next 3 days take out once daily and knead mixing well.
On fourth day roll into sticks – I usually make 12 sticks.

Smoke at 150 degrees for 4 hours. Turn sausage and smoke 4 more hours. If using multi-tier rack, move bottom to topand top to bottom when turning.

Wrap individually in foil and store in refrigeratorovernight before eating.
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