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Crossbows for Youth?

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My 7 year old can't pull back a bow with 30 lb draw weight but could certainly pull the trigger on a crossbow. He missed a buck the last day of rifle last year with the rifle so he has it in his blood! Are there youth sized crossbows out there that are legal for him to use in archery season?

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As long as they are over 125#, they are legal to use in all seasons.

I would look at the Parker Enforcer for compound style or the Excalibur Axiom for recurve style. Both are had for around $500 which is middle of the road, pricewise.
1 thing to keep in mind is that there is no recoil(unlike a rifle).I have an Excalibur Equinox (225lb). My son (12) shoots it great,but can't -ock it,nor could he -ock a 150lb.We bought a Excal. Vortex(200LB) for him because we got a good deal on it last year.My thought is don't buy a light draw bow because of youth, buy 1 to last! good luck!!
Thanks guys. Looking at the Excaliber Vixen II for him as it has the shorter length of pull.
i got a barrnett penetrater for my boys @ dicks its 175lbs it has everything on it comes with 4 bolts 499.00 all you need is broadheds and your ready 2 go .shoots great. we got 2 deer with it last year..
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