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My friend sold his compound to buy an Excalibur for his now 9 year old daughter.I personally am proud of both of them.She makes sure we don't miss club meetings.She is a member and pulls the 50/50 sometimes.If she wins 50% goes to her church.More importantly her Dad said she is hitting bulls eyes.So we have a little girl hunting with us.How cool is that?
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Sounds like another wonderful young person entering into the ranks of our great outdoors. For me as I am getting older I find that one of the greatest things that can be, and in many cases is being lost is the interest of our outdoor world. Recently I discussed with others the fact that in all the "hub-bub" discussions of hunting gear, and such we tend to forget the distractions that are leading to a loss of interest in the wilds of our nation--no matter where you are living with our youth.
It is so great to hear about our young folks taking an interest in hunting, and our outdoors. One of my fears is if, or when a large portion of our youth have no, and show no interest in the biology, and outdoors that they will not know, and understand the financial, and personal responsibility we have to keeping, and balancing our great outdoors and habitat.
It brings a smile to my face every time I hear, and see our youth having a desire to hunt, fish, and learn about the outdoors, and our role as people to take care of, and share the wilds of our great nation.
It is my hope this young lady continues in her love of the outdoors.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts