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I guess what I will ask is the following:
--Do you want the quiver to mount on the crossbow?
--Do you want to perhaps have a hip, or style that would
attach to a pack to carry, and hang it in when at your
hunting spot?
--Do you want a style that holds the arrows in two spots
for--lets say--mechanical heads with no in bonnet foam, or
material that would touch the broadheads?
ME--I have experimented with a hip style that I carried to my stand, and once there I would hang it on a hook. I am back to my regular quiver, and mount on my Excalibur. When I get it all pulled up in the stand--I take the quiver off, and hang it on a screw in hook.
There are many styles available. It's all in what you want.
I perhaps may have brought confusion into your question. However if this all seems to cloud your thoughts--go with the quiver, and mount system made for your particular crossbow.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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