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Haven't heard much this year despite the trail cameras and pre-season scouting trips saying that there were birds around. All I had to show for my 5 outing so far was two groups of jakes.

I woke up early and headed to a spot close to work today that I have hunted last week without hearing anything. I didn't have high expectations when I crawled in the blind at 5:20am. At 5:45 several birds lit up not 70 yards from where I was sitting. I was in the game!

Bad news was there was a hen yapping up on the hill as well. They kept gobbling good to my light tree yelps and when they hit the ground, they did a big semi circle into my locations. I saw 3 birds coming, but when they saw the decoy, they lead bird went into strut and I had a feeling they were not getting any closer.

I had to do some squirming in the blind to get a clear shot as they were right on the edge of my window opening. When the strutter turned broadside I held for the wingbutt and let the arrow fly. I couldn't see the impact but the turkey looked hurt as it ran away. Within 20 yards, he flipped over and my first tag was filled.

Sometimes, these birds seem so unkillable. Other times, everything just falls into place.

Horton Storm RDX. Black Eagle Executioners, TenPoint Omni-Nock lighted nock, 3 blade Swhacker, Zeiss XB75.

9 5/8 beard, 7/8 spurs.

1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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