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Crossbow gobbler #2

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I have been chasing this bird on and off since the season began. He was pretty much roosted in the same spot almost night. He would gobble once from the roost, sometimes not at all, but I new he was there. Once he hit the ground, it was usually silence and he never showed any interest in my calls.

This morning, I decided to give him one more go but a light rain began to fall at daybreak. Since I was tucked in the blind, I was comfy waiting for the redbirds to sing. He gobbled once from his usual spot. There were a few other birds off in the distance gobbling.

About 6, I gave 4-5 soft yelps and put the call away. He did not respond. At 6:15 I caught the red head coming up over the knoll in front of me. I needed another 5 yards to get a good body shot with the crossbow. He stared and stared for a few minutes. My legs began quivering from adrenaline when he decided to pop up onto the bench I was on and turned broadside. Holding for the wing butt, the arrow was on it way from 20 yards and it buried right where I had hoped. He flopped off of the bench and I found him in the creek at the bottom. A soaking wet mess.

He is a great old bird. Wing tips gone. Breast feathers thinned out from fighting. Very light from the rigors of mating. 10 1/4 inch beard. Spurs both at 1.5

Shot him with the brand new BearX Fisix FFL. This bow just hit the market 2 weeks ago. Swhacker 2 blade broadhead, Lumenok, Muddy arrow.

Just as I wrapped up the pictures, the sky opened up. A tough year as far as hearing birds for me but patience paid off in spades.

Sorry for the drowned rat pictures. He was soaked.

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Nice hooks! If ya have the time, a hair dryer will fluff him up nice for some good pics.
Wow that's a nice one ! Congrats !!!!
Congrats on a very fine bird. 1.5's are the stuff dreams are made of. I know a fella that stuck a bird this morning with his x-bow, and he is still looking for him.

Nice work...
Congrats on taking a mature bow bird.
Awesome bird!!!! Congrats!!!

I literally just got done blow drying my bird for pics lol...this last shower is passing now...I will head out for pics lol...
Congrats on a true trophy bird. Well done!
Nice bird congrats
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congrats ! great bird!
Someday, I will get a bird with hooks like that. Good work and congrats.
Thanks for all of the kind words. I found several healed over shotgun pellets in the breast meat when I was cleaning the bird. Looked like size 4 or 5 shot. Someone got a crack at him over the past few years.
Impressive work. Congrats on a great season.
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