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Crossbow care when they get soaked!

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Looking as if our statewide opener may be a little wet in most parts of the state, what does everyone do with their crossbows if they come home nice and wet like you at the end of the rainy day hunts? I keep my cables waxed and all that jazz, but what practices or things do you do that may be overlooked by others? I never put any gun or bow away wet, and I usually leave them out of the case for at least 2 days if they get a good soaking. Sometimes I put a hairdryer on low heat setting and direct it at the trigger box/scope rail junction to make sure the internal trigger and safety mechanisms aren't retaining water in their critical parts. Or, I set the bow over top of the air duct registers on the floor and let the air blow up through the bottom near the trigger and into the trigger box every time the A/C or heat kicks on. Lastly, although my TenPoint's cams, limb pockets, trigger box, and riser are anodized and should not rust, I like to take my Hoppe's oil rag that I use for the guns and rub it on all metal parts before putting it back in the case.
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Callmaker60 said:
I don't hunt in the rain.
Me either - benefit of retirement with lots of time to get out.
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