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Crossbow camera mount idea wanted

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I was looking to attach my small video camera and was wondering what suggestions you may have. Was looking for a dual mount that would easily go from rifle to crossbow, but would like to see / hear the cheaper homemade versions as well for just the crossbow. I know there are some real MacGyvers on here that think outside the box for good set-ups.
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Bohning's Top Mount is easy to attach a camcorder to. Places the camera right beside the scope. If you have a picatinny base on your rifle, you can also use it there.

Basically the mount attaches to any picatinny rail. I took the Top Mount I have and drilled a small hole in the middle and used a small bolt that is standard under all cameras to mount the camera.

You need meduim height rings as the mount slides under the scope.
I tried mounting my hand held panasonic camera to my crossbow,bow and shotgun. The problem was that the shock of the shot either shut off the camera or distorted the pics so bad I was afraid of damaging the camers. There are small dedicated cameras meant for this kind of thing.
Correct. Any bow mounted camera will not provide the best shot footage. I use a tree arm with a camera attached when I am self filming, if I have a cameraman, I will mount another camera on my bow for another perspective.
Appreciate the info from you all. I did find a top mount like DPMS suggested, so I will try it with test shots to see how it works on the XBow. Funny, I just watched one of Leatherwoods deer shot vids today, and the percusion from the shot shut the camera off as you both mentioned.
The Bohning mount is under the scope. Very little recoil in that mount at the shot. I spent about two years with that mount and I think I got it just about the best it can be.
I helped develop it, and own part of the patent. It's like one of my children in a way.
Here is a link to a video I shot with a panasonic mini-DVD camera.
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