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cracked stock repair

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I picked up a Stevens model 73 bolt action single shot 22.My plan is to paint it red, white and blue and teach my grandkids to shoot with it. I had a similar one a few weeks ago and sold it and they really liked it so we're going to do this one together. I only gave $25 for it. Anyway the stock is cracked and I know nothing about repairing something like this. See pics below. I want to know if this is even repairable and how would it be repaired. Like I said it will be painted over so as long as it comes out kinda smooth I'll be happy.
The first pic is how it is just sitting still. The 2nd pic is me kinda pulling it apart. Th location of the crack is the notch you see on the right is where the bolt handle goes when the bolt is closed. The crack goes down under and the hole you see is where the trigger is. Any help would be appreciated.

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Use Acraglas. Is it in two pieces? If so it is easier to repair. If not do as Tony says.

With Acraglas I mix a little powdered wood dust from the stock. You can get it from a place it does not show like the barrel channel or under the butt plate. If done right it will be barley noticeable.

I would not fill with wood putty. Fill it with Acraglas, sand and finish with Truoil.
BTW Acraglas Gel is easier to mix than lain Acraglas and might be a better option.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts