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CR questions

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How much blending in of the cable do you guys who use cables do at the set? I struggle with whether I use enough or go overboard and cause avoidance. Because of the entanglement issues, a lot of my sets are on trails that are fairly open. Can you cause these sets to look to unnatural by blending too much? I have caught a few reds, but I would like to know what others do with regards to this.
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Keep it simple, you don't need much guidence. I will only put 2 or 3 goldenrod stems on each side of a cable on a trail. One angled over above if I'm going for fox or coyote on the same trail with a 9" loop 9 to the bottom. For fox I like a 7" loop at 7.5 to 8" up. If the loop is bigger sometimes you will hip catch them and can ruin fur. I've caught them on an open tire track with just 2 weeds on each side. I have had alot less avoidance since I switched to micro locks. They blend in so much better. My cables are hung out to dull a little them dusted with dark brown camo paint just blend better. I only had one avoidance that I know of this season it was hung openly on a tire track and I cabled 5 off that farm, so I'm pretty sure it probably seen one of his relatives in a cable. I'll take some pics tomorrow of some of mine to post for you. I've got to adjust since the snow is gone.
I'll try to get pics tomorrow if it's not snowing to bad. Had a red in the one cable I wanted to get a picture of and a mangey coyote in another cable sorry no pics.
Howie to me the sticks are to much. I like the #9 wire for a hanger. Blends in better. Got some pics from todays check. First is for coyote, it's 20' farther up the trail from where I caught the first one. Second is for fox, I got a grey this morning 15' to the right on another trail.
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