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Hello Everyone...

We made our first reservations of the year for 2010. We will be out at Lake Raystown Resort and Lodge.

We blocked off a group of campsites and still have several available for CPA and HPA members.

If you would like to come out and join us, Come on over to and post a reply to this thread. Reply to this Post

The cost is $44 / night, we will get there Friday Night and Stay through Monday afternoon.

Here is a link to their website: Lake Raystown Resort

We look forward to seeing you guys there... As usual we will have some giveaways and such for those who visit us. If you are already camping there, please let us know that as well

Let me know asap if you would like a site, we only have about 8 or so left and most of the rest of the entire campground is full already.

Please post here how many you will be bringing, and what size camper or if you plan on using a tent, and I will get back to you with instructions for reservations.

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