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Trappers always want to make comparisons.....there are SO many variables when it comes to this subject of 100 coyotes in the Northeast.

I know areas of PA that have concentrations of coyotes similiar to mine...and I know there are areas with very few. This plays out in NY as well.

I'd be lying if I suggested we do not have a good population of coyotes in my area. Regardless, I can name (with other's help) probably 20 or more trappers in Ill., In., etc that have taken over a hundred. Yet when this question is asked back here, the names are few.

If there is a guy in PA that take over 100 in PA, I am unaware of their existance, but it certainly does not mean it has not happened. Based on the what some of the above posters are implying, it has indeed happened.

We live in an area of abnormal snowfall amounts, getting 100-200 inches a season. Our deer gun season is five weeks long and serious coyote trapping has to come to a hault during that time. It starts a few weeks before Thanksging and goes until just before Christmas.

That time frame is probably the best time for half way decent weather, and great fur....but essentially, that five weeks you can wipe away from our season. It is a non-event for a serious canine just cant trap then in a serious manner.

So, now deer season ends and you are at Christmas. With Lake Effect snow, you cannot confidently set traps without a daily threat of 5 inches, or five FEET of can happen at any time. A couple of years ago, we got 18 inches of snow on Halloween!

The point....every area has its challenges. Up here, FOR ME, I have to get my coyotes early if I am going to get them at all. I have had the good fortune of taking three weeks of vacation for coyotes over the last three years. That extra week (ran two weeks for well over a decade) allowed me to bust that 100 coyote mark the last three seasons. During those 20-21 checks, in the last three years, I have taken 92, 96, and 113 coyotes respectively. Season totals were 125, 101, and 135 respectively, showing that I do take some coyotes around Xmas time each year.

I am a one man show: No partner, no trapline helpers, no what you see here, I did. Period.

If I had a guy with me over that same timeframe, who knows how the barn would look at the end of the year. Or, if I could figure out a way to trap all season, but the job and wife wont allow it!

The work, plannning, preparation, fatique, that goes into these numbers and THEN into the put-up is frankly out of many guys comprehension. There is nothing easy about this. It is not a money-making operation for sure, but rather, a very expensive hobby for me. But I do, truly, love it.

Here's the pics....




I am sure over the next season or two, others will hit this number. I know some guys getting 50-60-70 in NY so not that much of a reach to get to that next level. Whoever does it and where ever they do it, my hat's off to you. I do know what's involved and can only view a catch like that with respect.

Good luck!

21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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