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First week of early archery doe season in the SRA is history. Spent three days in the stand and around 20 deer and pretty sure I saw a coyote tonight. Too far, too thick and too fast to get a positive ID but it should had the mannerisms of one. This was in a urban area so it is possible if was Fido but do think it was a wild K9 as they are around.

Have had many fawns under and near me which I elected to pass. Had a few mature doe close enough to shoot but either the foliage or a poor camera angle kept the finger from squeezing the trigger. Leaves are beginning to change a bit and the chipmunks are busy collecting the winter stash. Fall is coming and the bucks will be prowling soon enough.

Here is Tbrom settling into his filming stand on opening night.

Here is one of the many fawns that have been within 15 yards. This one was under me tonight for 20 minutes but momma never showed.
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