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coupla little friends from the yard

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Actually this guy was in my basement.

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nice pics!!!
I get those ring necks in my house every year the cat loves to play with them then eats them.
what kind are they?
Ringneck and smooth green snake. Probably can tell which is which.
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Great pics.
I despise Serpents, but I had one of those Greenies under my pine tree this year and was wondering what they were called. Go figger, a Green Snake. I was thinking something a bit more romantic when I first seen it... like a Northern Green Viper, or The Green Pennsylvanian Man-Killer.
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Great pictures. I am not a fan of snakes at all. Saw one the other day when going down into the woods to cut up some firewood. Good thing I had my big chainsaw or I would have ran out screaming like a little girl!
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