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The Feral Cat Expansion: County and local governments are doing nothing at all to stop it. Not even catching or neutering programs.. The feral cats just keep populating.

First off just the idea of neutering and releasing them again on the same property the feral cats were caught on it one big blunder to begin with...

We all know what the environmental concerns are of feral cats being released or not taken care of?
Song Birds killed, wildlife killed, fleas, urination on people porches, chairs, gardens, etc.

Here a good one for you... There are so many fleas that if you open your door and they come in your house.
You ended up getting bit..

There is going to be one good epidemic of Rabies soon because no trapping, neutering, and rabies shots being given... What does it take a couple of kids die from rabies or death from the Black Death?

This is when our state government needs to intervene and ask every county and every local government what is your plan on controlling the feral cat program? Remember some local governments aren't doing anything what so ever... This is where the feral cat program can be dangerous to domestic stock, animals and humans.

The cat people told me that I couldn't even catch the cats that I would get in trouble if I used box traps. They had to do or a person that is designated as a cat person on the block. However the government needs to get involved!

What really would be good would also stop cat lovers forcing local governments to do the release and neuter programs in all areas of Pa.

State ,County, and Local Governments all need to sit down and take care of the Feral Cat Problems in all 67 counties of Pa.
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