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I was hunting deer today and notice some pure white mushrooms. Must have been about 20 of them on the forest floor...White/ I figure they were Destroyoing Angels..However a visual revealed that they were Corts...
Corts.....Most are poisonous or not edible...However one of the edible that are confused with the poisonous Cort family is: That would be the Blewits...Blewits..Found in briars and picker bushes a lot..
Anyway you shroomer...Get to learn what Corts are since most are not edible and poisonous... You find the Blewits and you have an edible mushroom. If anything this post will make some of you want to be shroomer to look up Corts in your mushroom books and find the Blewits......

However be real careful picking the members of the Corts family!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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