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Corn fields and foxtail

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We are trying to make a corn field foodplot look like they did 30 years ago with knee high foxtail in the fall. We considered cultivating the field like they did then. Someone has suggested spraying 2-4D on the corn once it is a few inches high. This will kill the broadleafs but allow the foxtail to come on later. Any other ideas?
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I thought giant foxtail was bad for wildlife?
It provides good ground cover and birds eat the seeds. It is better than a corn field with a dirt floor that provides no cover.
Lynn, absolutely correct about the corn with foxtail in it. Many don't realize that is what we used to hunt way back when.

The 2,4,D will do as you said and won't harm the corn. Corn is a grass and 2,4,D shouldn't affect it. Read the label tho as there is timing in the spraying, if I remember the label right.
I had a sweetcorn patch get overtaken by foxtail.A batchlor group of bucks started bedding in it.This year i am leaving a 3 ft, wide section between a beet patch and a 6 ft wide tall sorghum stand for just that purpose.
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