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Coonhounds Near Hershey

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Anybody willing to take a new guy out and his pup to help us get started?
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if you cant find someone through here, id recommend finding a few local coon hound clubs in the area and contacting them, or showing up at a monthly meeting or a nite hunt and talking to some folks from the area...

and/or post on the UKC forum, forum etc...

if i was close and wasnt leaving for the summer, id give a hand! im no expert..but i find training young dogs to be a lot of the fun of running hounds...once they are straight track n tree dogs, you cut em, shine a tree, and repeat..still a good time..and the dogs are ALWAYS learning..but its fun to work with young dogs and watch them progress...

and its nice to have or find someone that has a "pup trainer" older, finished hound that is straight and not mean that will help the pup learn to hunt...i dont use pup trainers much at all as i like an independant dog so i usually hunt em alone..but a good pup trainer can do a ton of good when hunted with a pup occasionally...

once our young hound got decent, our pup trainer quit hunting with her...which turned "pleasure hunting" into a lot of work walking to 2 dogs every drop split treed most of the, but a lot of walkin sometimes! but taught my young dog to be really independant and not to rely on another dog..she can be TOO independant at the nite hunts..but when shes treed under a coon, shes getting top tree points..i like it better than a dog that dont have its own brain to do its own huntin!

good luck with the search and with the pup!
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