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Coon Carcasses (meat)

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Is there anybody in PA that buys coon carcasses? It would be skinned and just the meat.
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I'm not positive, but I think they are illegal to sell in pa. You should check with the pgc regional office to be sure. Please post if you find out the answer!
I don't know about everyone else, but I used all my early coons for bobcat and fisher sets. The cats loved them and hit them a lot harder than the deer rib cages that I put out. The cat I tagged this year was caught using coon carcases. As far as selling them I think AH is right in that it's illegal in PA:

搂 2312. Buying and selling game.

(a) General rule.--Unless otherwise provided, it is unlawful for any person to buy, sell or barter, or aid, abet, assist or conspire to buy, sell or barter, or offer for sale or barter, or have in possession or transport for sale or barter, any game or the edible parts of game or any protected bird or animal or parts of any protected bird or animal.

(b) Imported game.--It is unlawful for any person to sell or barter, or offer for sale or barter, any game or wildlife protected by this title imported, either dead or alive, from another state or nation unless there is attached to the carton containing the game or wildlife or to the individual carcasses a tag identifying the game or wildlife in English and giving the state or nation from which originally shipped.

(c) Exception.--

(1) Nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent:

(i) The purchase or sale of game raised under the authority of a propagating permit in this Commonwealth.

(ii) The capture and sale of game or wildlife after securing a permit from the director and payment of any fees established by the commission.

(iii) The sale of the tanned, cured or mounted heads or skins, or parts thereof, of any game or wildlife not killed in a wild state in this Commonwealth.

(iv) The sale or purchase of any inedible part thereof, from game or wildlife lawfully killed, if such parts are disposed of by the original owner within 90 days after the close of the season in which the game or wildlife was taken.

(v) The sale of mounted specimens by any auctioneer licensed by the Commonwealth. The commission shall require no permit for such action. Any licensed auctioneer who sells ten or more mounted specimens during any one sale at a registered auction house must report those sales to the commission within 15 days of the completion of the sale.

(2) The commission may by regulation authorize the buying and selling of inedible parts of game and wildlife as it deems appropriate.

(3) This subsection shall not be construed to permit any individual or agency other than the commission to sell the skins or parts of game or wildlife killed as a protection to crops, or accidentally killed upon the highways, or seized as contraband.
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Okay,thank you I know people in other states do but I didn't know or think it was legal or anything.
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